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Date: 20/02/09
Name: Adam lopez
Email: pitmonster03@yahoo.com
Location: London

Fantastic website, very intresting to look around the stations long-gone and existing ones today. I find the Wolverhampton L/L to Bordesley section most fascinating, when i was young i was often on the Paddington-Birmingham Snow Hill trains and i have some memories of this route-- "The better way to london" ! keep up the good work and once again- many thanks :)


Hi Adam, glad you enjoy the website. I've just got back from my hols and should be updating the site soon so please keep checking back.

Date: 13/02/2009
Name: Stephen Fisher
Email: steve@o156.fsnet.co.uk
Location: Stafford
Website: western-champions-pics-online.fotopic.net/

Past and present, then and now of the railways of the West Midlands and Staffordshire is of immense interest to me. I've been a train driver for twenty years and to see the sometimes very small signs of what used to be is fascinating. Thank you for a excellent and unrivaled website.


Thanks for the entry Stephen - I'm looking forward to seeing the new book in print myself as I'm just about to start work on the Worcestershire and Warwickshire volume which should complete the 3 part series. Hopefully it will have a few bits of interest for you and as an aside, I'd recommend anyone reading this to visit your website too as theres's ome great stuff on there!

Name: PGraham
Email: pgraham17@nc.rr.com
Location: North Carolina

Stumbled across your site whilst looking for Lichfield City #2 signal box. My father was a signalman there from 1919 thru 1954 when he retired. Plus I worked at B'ham New St. Would love to get photos of the #2 signal box to show my children. Thanks for the great site.


Not sure if I have any photographs of No2 box but I'll take a look when I get the chance.

Date: 04/02/2009
Name: Jim Apps
Email: apps_j@yahoo.com
Location: Worcester

Have just looked around your web page and it is great. Just a wonder if you had any information on Spetchley station or any photos of it. It was only in existance for a few years and I am trying to gather information about it. Does any of your visitors have any info on it. All I know is that the waiting room on platform 2 on Worcester Shrub Hill id from there


Hi Jim, I've emailed you some further details but for anyone else interested, Spetchley was a goods station on the stretch of line South of Bromsgrove along with Dumhampstead and Droitwich Road. I haven't got around to visiting the sites yet but Mark Norton's website (see links) has some good photographs of the latter two sites.

Date: 22/12/2008
Name: Dave
Email: dave.aquarius@hotmail.co.uk
Location: Coventry

Hi Andy
Just a short note to pass on some information after seeing some very evocative pics of the "old" Snow Hill station, as it was, derelict, and a car park, circa 1977.
Did you know that it was possible to travel through the south tunnel from Snow Hill to Bordesley by CAR!! Yes, it's true, and I have done it. One evening, about 11.30 at night, three friends abd I entered the tunnel by car, (quite illeagally, of course) from the car park in Snow Hill, via the trackbed, and then negitiated the tunnel to Bordesley. We came out of the tunnel at Moor street, kept to the left of the running lines from there and went along the viaduct to Bordesley, and exited by a slope on what I think was the enterance to the cattle dock at Bordesley. This brought us out in the side stereet virtually under the bridge at Bordesley Station by Camp Hill flyover (was it built then?).
We had a fairly smooth surface to drive on, as the track had been lifted and the ballast removed. There was ample room at the side of the running lines for us to do this. (no track in the tunnel at all)and we had enough light from the car headlamps to see.
I'ts only later that I learned of the unloading facillity for the Bank Of England that is supposedley in the tunnel, away from prying eyes, and was used by special GWR trains with bullion vehicles to deliver cash ans valuables to the bank. Of Course, our aim for going through the tunnel was pure adventure and had no other motive whatsoever, including bullion robberies!
When I think back now, I shudder with fear at what may have happended, but luckilly, nothing untoward did, and we can now tell the tale.
I would be interested to know if this was done by others, because there was no secirity at all, one just drove in!

Date: 17/12/2008
Name: Roberta Djan
Email: pinkyroxxxy@aol.com
Location: Anglesey

hi it was great to come across this site, brought back memories as i child i use to train spot satley station spent most of my childhood ther 1950s/1960s. the train master at that time his name name (Les) he taught me day to day about the trains, i can rember pulling tha old lantins on..at the station,sweeping up on the platform, and him sharing his cheese/onion sandwiches with him.. he was a sweet man, it been nice looking at the pics of the railways thankyou x

Date: 15/12/2008
Name: roger baldock
Email: rogerbaldock@msn.com

This web site was a good find !
Reference the milk float at Soho - when I was working for RR/Central Trains as an auditor mid 90's we were at Crown Point and I actually went out in that float with one of the fitters to collect spares around Norwich.

Date: 05/12/2008
Name: Phil Betts
Email: pandjsbetts@hotmail.co.uk

Anyone any information on car transporter trains I refer to in my November entry ie where they came from, where they delivered to? Any suggestions as to where to find information would be appreciated.

Date: 23/11/2008
Name: Antony McCormack
Email: antony66@blueyonder.co.uk
Location: Shirley
Website: www.jetphotography.moonfruit.com/

Love the changes to the site, still a great resource for local information and now with a very modern layout. A unique and inventive site of the highest quality, don't know how you find the time to keep it up to date.


The redesign has turned out quite well - should give me the scope to keep adding and expanding the site for another couple of years at least before I get tempted to recode it again!

Date: 10/11/2008
Name: Phil Betts
Email: pandjsbetts@hotmail.co.uk
Location: West Bromwich

Stumbled across your site looking without success for information on early 60's new car and vehicle transporter trains through West Bromwich station (from Birmingham in direction of Wolverhampton). As a new Chronehills secondary school pupil in 1961 I passed West Bromwich Station cycling to and from school. Over the next five years I often waited for the car transporter on my way home, as the train usually came through the station between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. The trains were usually headed with a 9F or if lucky a Britannia. I waited watching from Lyng Lane bridge, the exact spot your site picture of a D1000 standing at West Bromwich station was taken.(Was the cameraman standing on his bike crossbar?) What memories this brought back!The plume of steam appearing over the distant Spon Lane bridge, and the excitement of what the loco heading the train would be that day.Look forward to visiting your site on many future occasions

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