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Date: 30/04/2008
Name: Tim Marshall
Email: tim70_99@hotmail.com
Location: Stafford


I was looking for photographs of my old local stations of Willenhall and of Wednesfield on your site and thought you might like to hear some of my silly little memories.
As a small boy I remember travelling from Bilston Street Station to Wolverhampton every Saturday with my Sister, my mom and 3 of my aunts.I can also remember travelling on an excursion from there, perhaps to Blackpool(?). I was so disappointed when the station closed. I also remember being taken to Noose Lane Level Crossing,via the Dartmouth Avenue entrance to Willenhall Memorial Park. As we passed the tennis courts we would often hear a goods train start from the old Midland Station and I would runs as fast as my legs would carry me to watch a dirty black steam engine emerge and dive under the railway bridge (we called it "The Iron Bridge" and it is still there) and out of sight towards Wednesfield.
At Noose Lane more often that not what I now know to be a 2-6-tank engine would rattle past in the direction of Wolverhampton. The crews would wave to us from the footplate if they saw us. I note your comment about the site of Wednesfield Station and remember my Aunts telling me that they would travel from Willenhall to Wednsfield by train to visit an aunt. When I asked her when this was all she would say was "Oh, it was a good many years ago". She also maintained that the driver would wait for them if they were late and had been known to stop the train so they could board. Could you imagine that now? No nor me!
I did a fair bit of trespassing in the closed Willenhall Midland station, including climbing on the gantry crane and trying to pull levers in the signal box. I can still remember the weighing machinery and a great deal of papers lying around in the goods shed. I will add that I was probably about 7 or 8 at the time and was "spotted" by another aunt in the act! In the 1970's a friend and I went to photograph Wednesfield Signal Box only to find that it had been burnt down (or otherwise demolished) and funnily enough the same thing happened when we went to do likewise at Wolverhampton South Box at Low Level Station. Peering over the Sun Street bridge all that was left was the shape of the base. I'm glad to say that we managed to "preserve" a couple of items from the area including a distant signal arm from between Willenhall and Wednesfield and one of Low Levels Home Signals.
Kind regards

Date: 08/04/2008
Name: Dave Brooks
Email: dave.aquarius@hotmail.co.uk
Location: Coventry

Hi, Born 1950, I used to live close to the B'ham - Coventry line between Lea Hall and Stechford. I used to spot trains by the Iron Horse pub on Flaxley Road (on some waste ground next to the Sea Cadets premises, HMS Dolphin). Also used to sit on the high bridge at Hill House Lane. (some idiotic children would balance and walk along the parapet, inches from a 50 foot drop to the tracks !!!) Strong memories are the "somersalt" signal giving entry to the goods yard at Stechford - now an industrial estate,- and the inevitable Ivatt class 2 2-6-0 using the hump to shunt the yard. We had 'Sunday Diversions' when the Trent valley line was being electrified in the '60's, which meant that diverted London to North traffic went via Rugby - New St. - Wolverhampton - Stafford. Some traffic avoided New St. going via Stechford, Aston, Witton, Bescot, Darlaston, Portobello Junction and rejoined the Wolves - Stafford line at Bushbury Junction. This was heaven as we had a procession of 'namers' to spot, the highly regarded 'Semis' and Scots' passing regulary.
I love this site as it adds to my own research into the railways of the area, a subject I contiune to find absorbing.
PS, I belong to the Nuneaton Railway Circle, and I highly reccomend the club and it's activities to anyone interested in railways in general.

Date: 24/03/2008
Name: Navin Rao
Email: drnavin1uk@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Dudley

Dear Andrew, I must extend my heartiest wishes to you as I was searching for Dudley train station. I knew it was there at sometime and I thought I knew where it was but it was your photographs which confirmed its existence. I have been going thru some other material and am convinced that the station will re-open in 2011 as a Midland Metro station. I hope you would be happy to hear that as even I think it is good news. I would love to find out more about railways and I shall always remember your website.

Date: 20/03/2008
Name: Jan M
Email: janmyatt@blueyonder.co.uk
Location: South B'ham

Came here when doing family tree! My husband's ancestors worked on railways - I think LNWR. Also - I live just down the road from Longbridge!! Do you investigate jobs/work? Jan

Date: 02/03/2008
Name: Keith
Email: kt@blueyonder.co.uk
Location: Birmingham
Website: www.flickr.com/photos/24146532@N02/

I see from the updates you missed Long Marston station, it was built on quite awhile ago. There is still a miniture railway around the building!

It is the start of the Greenway footpath, from Long Marston to Stratford-upon-Avon. I must try it in the summer.

Milcote Station is more worth a visit, as some of the down platform survives and the GWR conifers planted along it. Over the road is the 5344 cafe - well worth a visit - an ex BR mkII coach!

Great site.

Date: 02/03/2008
Name: David Swales
Email: david@apricot-cottage.co.uk
Location: Middlesbrough, UK

I am pleased your website has been found from
www.google.co.uk which is a better railway
website you have there in the south of.
England and then I have just.
Found your website very interesting
indeed over in the north east of.
England while it is still the best one you
have for a look through any time of the day
during the weekend on sundays and saturdays

David Swales

Date: 22/01/2008
Name: Jeff
Location: Thornaby
Website: www.trivago.co.uk/-/l-e251101

Nice site with some interesting information and images of trains and railway stations. I have added a link to your webpage on a travel community called trivago so other people can view your site. If you or any of your guests would like to add pictures and information about Birmingham or the West Midlands on trivago you are very welcome. Keep up the good work and I hope you complete youe quest.

Date: 15/01/2008
Name: Nigel Richards
Email: nigelrichards@mail.com
Location: Birmingham

Googled old birmingham railways and came across this fascinating site. Dad was an railway man for 47 years so this brings back some memories of things I recall and things he told me about.
Does anyone have any pictures or info on the goods yard that used to be at severn street?

Date: 29/12/2007
Name: Trevor S Hunter
Email: trevorshunter@msn.com
Location: gwent

just browsing on google earth and came across your site. as an avid steam rail fan it\'s great to see a \"local history\" of any area, as you said, it\'s a shame that years ago we didn\'t have cameras to hand, but luckily some people did. a really interesting site and well laid out and of interest to any rail/history fan.

Date: 29/11/2007
Name: Ian Ratcliffe

One of the most fascinating features of Midlands' rail history is to my mind the aborted Duddeston viaduct (Misc section on this site - http://www.railaroundbirmingham.co.uk/full_photo_pages/brunels_viaduct_to_nowhere_montague_st.htm ).

It's an amazing brick viaduct that still dominates the area - if on a train from Walsall/Lichfield approaching the Proof House junction at New Street, you can see the viaduct in the distance making its way towards you and stopping. Tracing it on Google Earth shows that it goes over half the way to the New Street line before stopping. It's amazing to think that no-one has been on the top of there in over a hundred years (dunno when it was built) - but I've only ever found limited information about the scheme.

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