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Stourbridge Junction Middle Signal Box
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Name: John Ellard
Email: j.f.ellard@talktalk.net
Location: Bilston

My Grandfather and uncle worked at Darlaston Goods Station for most of their working lives.
If my memory serves me correctly, this station (or was it just a goods yard?) was located off Bentley Road South in Darlaston, on the line from Bescot to Willenhall.
There is not a record of this station on this website.
Does anyone else recall this goods station please? I think it was part of LNWR before they amalgamated to become LMS


Not sure about the goods facility to which you refer however, there was an LNWR goods station off the Darlaston Loop near Wednesbury and can bee seen on the Wednesbury Town page as the buildings are still extant - although no longer rail-connected. Could that have been the site?

Date: 10/10/2010
Name: Alan Davis
Email: lliam45@hotmail.com
Location: Darlaston

I was talking to Ron Derry this morning, I told him about this site. Peter Melllings told me about it.

Date: 16/09/2010
Name: Alan Downes
Email: a-dcdownes@bigpond.com
Location: Australia

Nice to be able to view some of the places I knew when I worked on BR at Walsall

Name: dave
Email: dorford404@uwclub.net
Location: Stourport

Top site. Am enjoying exploring it. Does anyone know what line Brooke End signal box was on? Is it somewhere near Pensnett?


Date: 22/07/2010
Name: Stuart Holmes
Email: stuxst@aol.com
Location: Kidderminster

Hi. I have been a fan of railways since I had my Hornby as young lad. I love visiting this site and seeing how much effort you have put in to log both the current and also the sadly missing bits of our railway heritage. Keep up the great work

Date: 27/06/2010
Name: chris fletcher
Email: fletch5535@aol.com
Location: aberdeen
Website: http://chris-fletcher.fotopic.net/c1282898.html

Great to see pics of how things have changed. As a lad in Birmingham I have fond memories of Langley Green (complete with branch to A&W in Oldbury), and the original station at Stourbridge Town - including when a single car DMU ran through the buffers depositing a pile of bricks and its front bogie in the street below.

Name: alan
Email: alanrock36@hotmail.com
Location: spain

hi just remembring old tyseley station still the same as when i was a lad now living in spain there are no old locos to go and see do miss the open days keep up the good work

Name: Mike Adler
Location: Solihull

Very informative site. I have an N Gauge model railway layout based around the West Midlands in the late 1950s/early 1960s so the site is extremely useful for photos etc. to help with my layout scenics

Date: 22/03/2010
Email: zepron@hotmail.co.uk
Location: Bescot area

Looking at position of former Newton road stn , the stn was nearer to Newton rd bridge .End of Water lane to jcn of the old Newton road.Behind the undergrowth and hedge there is a gap which i think was the pathway down to the stn.The pic is of Charlemont rd/ray hall lane crossing and there was a signal box there some years ago called NEWTON CROSSING.


There were 3 versions of the station; two adjacent to Newton Road and the other where the photographs were taken on the Newton Road Station page which stood between 1863 - 1902 which I focused on as it is a more interesting site for photographs.

Date: 20/03/2010
Name: Mal Robinson
Email: malcolm.robinson1@ntlworld.com
Location: Lincoln

Hi, just discovered your excellent site as I am new to home PC and the Web. Brings back memories as I worked the platforms at New Street 1989 to 2001. Enjoying looking at some of the familiar locations. Are you by chance the Andy Doherty who was a station manager at New Street? Thanks for a great site. Regards, Mal.

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