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Date: 22/03/2010
Email: zepron@hotmail.co.uk
Location: Bescot area

Looking at position of former Newton road stn , the stn was nearer to Newton rd bridge .End of Water lane to jcn of the old Newton road.Behind the undergrowth and hedge there is a gap which i think was the pathway down to the stn.The pic is of Charlemont rd/ray hall lane crossing and there was a signal box there some years ago called NEWTON CROSSING.


There were 3 versions of the station; two adjacent to Newton Road and the other where the photographs were taken on the Newton Road Station page which stood between 1863 - 1902 which I focused on as it is a more interesting site for photographs.

Date: 20/03/2010
Name: Mal Robinson
Email: malcolm.robinson1@ntlworld.com
Location: Lincoln

Hi, just discovered your excellent site as I am new to home PC and the Web. Brings back memories as I worked the platforms at New Street 1989 to 2001. Enjoying looking at some of the familiar locations. Are you by chance the Andy Doherty who was a station manager at New Street? Thanks for a great site. Regards, Mal.

Date: 12/02/2010
Name: Glyn Roberts
Email: gmr@haifa92.freeserve.co.uk
Location: Crewe

Only just discovered this website - what a gem ! Looking at the old photos makes you think - Why didn't I take more photos at the time ? Simply because you didn't see a need to - you thought the stations and locomotives would be there for ever.
I lived between Wrexham and Chester and loved to travel on the Birkenhead - Paddington expresses in the early '60s. Only six coach trains from Chester usually but made up with a further rake, including a restaurant/buffet car, at Wolverhampton Low Level. Engine change as well of course, usually to a King. I remember well the white painted slogan on the brewery wall as you approached the Low Level station 'Butlers Ales - Pride of the Midlands' Arrival at Snow Hill was always something special - a great station, sadly missed. I have recently acquired a couple of jig-saw puzzles depicting Snow Hill in steam days which I am looking forward to completing. The replacement station does nothing for me I'm afraid - I've visited it a couple of times but find myself just standing there trying to imagine what it used to look like. Very sad.
Sometimes I used to get off the train at Snow Hill and have a look around Birmingham and sometimes I went through to Paddington. After a quick bite to eat in London I used to board the next available service back and I usually stood in the corridor by a open window for most of the time (both ways). Needless to say I was rather tired and face-blackened with my hair full of bits of soot when I finally arrived home but it had been worth it. To be by an open window as the train raced through stations with the sound of the engine steaming hard being amplified by the platform roof - words can't adequately describe it but if you've done it you'll appreciate what I'm saying.

Many thanks to the Webmaster and best wishes to all lovers of this former Great Western main line.

Glyn Roberts

Date: 14/01/2010
Name: Alan Dudley
Email: alandudley@btinternet.com

This is a fantastic site which I shall spend many hours visiting. I am particularly interested in Dudley station (note the surname) which I remember as a child, when sadly it was coming to the end of its useful life. My ambition, time and energy permitting, is to recreate a working model of it in it's heyday, and although I have some memories and old photo's, I need track and signalling plans, building plans, timetables etc.. so would be grateful of any contributions in this regard.

Date: 24/12/2009
Name: Phil Edwards

A fascinating site. Some really interesting info. One of my earliest memories is standing on the platform at Soho & Winson Green Station watching steam engines thundering past - 50 or so years ago.!

Date: 20/12/2009
Name: graham woodhall
Email: graham.woodhall@gmail.com
Location: Bromsgrove, Worcs' UK

I've just spent a fascinating 2 hours on this site. As a steam fan and former train spotter what memories it brings back. Great work and many thanks !

Date: 20/12/2009
Name: Michael Schwartz
Email: greekmultilingual@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Toronto, Canada

Very fond memories of my walks around Birmingham and her disused railways in the early 1970s (enjoyed the railways more than the course material at Brum Uni..).
Good to see that the powers that be finally woke up to the opportunities afforded through revitalising Selly Oak Station and others.
Thank you Brum for being a friendly city.
Tarra a bit for now, then, our kid!

Date: 23/11/2009
Name: Chris Jennings
Email: lmschrisjennings@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Bournemouth
Website: http://crjennings.com/

Lovely site, some fascinating pages. Not sure why it has taken me so long to find it but once I have had a good look round I will comment some more. Best Regards Chris

Date: 13/11/2009
Name: Emma-Claire
Location: L-Spa

OOPS! Cancel that last request. Made an idiot of myself, I've found it now, Duh!
I have noticed that your "validation code" doesn't seem to change...weird.

Name: Emma-Claire
Location: L-Spa

Hi there, I\'m really enjoying the vast resource that is your incredible site, however on your regional map I can\'t find Cutnall Green. Could you put it on the map please?
Great site though!

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