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Date: 03/05/2012
Name: Robin Poulton
Email: mrhapps@hotmail.co.uk
Location: London

Hi All,
Great site, was surprised to find out there was a station in Wednesfield where i grew up, anybody got any more pics of it when it was up and running.(death to beeching)

Date: 23/02/2012
Name: Charles Devoy
Email: charlesdevoy@gmail.com
Location: Scotland

Hi all at Rail Around Birmingham
Our last meeting was my favorite of all time
Despite my obvious disability I was made welcome
Cheers All
Love Charlie Devoy of Scotland!!

Date: 18/01/2012
Name: robert blackburn
Email: robert@mrblackburn.co.uk
Location: banbury

Whats happening on the east side of Birmingham International? Google E shows new tracks being laid.

Name: william jones
Email: sparetire100@yahoo.co.uk
Location: london SW

Excellent site and pics. But scope for even more eg readers detail info under each named headed location. Example: Bentley Heath goods yard v large until c1960+; incl alot of cattlepens etc and huge shed, then mostly export cars from Coventry and Longbridge. Example: a few paras on the Snow Hill features and facilities, ditto the Lickey incline banker workings and orgn, ditto Black Country steel plants etc lines. Just a suggestion........

Date: 19/08/2011
Name: david e townson
Email: david_townson@sky.com
Location: newquay cornwall

started as a cleaner at monument lane 1957 left as a fireman 1959 great memories but slowly fading fabulous to see old photographs of monument lane would like to get in touch with anyone working there at this time. my email david_townson@sky.com regards david e townson

Date: 01/07/2011
Name: Roger Hutton
Email: Rogerbenjibunnyrog@yahoo.co.ukRogerbenjibunny
Location: Middx
Website: Rogerbenjibunnyrog@yahoo.co.uk

Hi. just found your site and think its great. I was a fireman at stratford-on-avon (western)in 1955 went to old oak common(london)in 1960 left the railway in1965 best wishes Roger Hutton.

Date: 12/06/2011
Name: Dave
Email: oldshutterbug@y7mail.com
Location: Australia

Thank you for this great website, it brings back so many memories of growing up in the Longbridge area and my train spotting days near the Austin Motor Factory, after living in Oz for 54 years I still get homesick when I look at this website, congratulations on the work put into the website that has made it so enjoyable.

Date: 23/03/2011
Name: David Inman
Email: steamedup@supanet.com
Location: Knutsford Cheshire

Hi Andy,found your site whilst searching for Monument Lane Loco Shed. I congratulate you on the time and effort put into this site.
I was a Bham lad until I joined the regular army in 1949. During my school years, many happy hours were spent at Handswoth & Smetwick station I note is now a metro stop, still even a tram running on rails on an old trackbed is an improvement on nothing.
I started work for BR in 1955/57 at the above mentioned shed rather late in life, but I wouldnt have missed the thrill of the footplate, on expresses to London/Liverpool and m/chester, easy it was not, but an experience none the less.
Will return to this site time and time again, I thank you Dave.


Many thanks for your recollection David, please feel free to post any memories you have on the website as I'm sure readers, and myself, would love to hear them.

Date: 19/02/2011
Name: dave sherwood
Email: sherwood_dave@yahoo.co.uk
Location: birmingham england

just to say what an excellent site this is and how much i enjoy it

Date: 03/02/2011
Name: Wayne Burton
Email: wburton17@verizon.net
Location: Florida USA

Hi Steve, I have sent you e-mail but to no avail. Yes I remember the old monkey run, my brother and I spent many a good hour there, I used to live in Ward End so we got there pretty quick on our bikes.I have been in Florida now for the last 48 yrs. Yours wayne Burton

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