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Date: 20/12/2009
Name: graham woodhall
Email: graham.woodhall@gmail.com
Location: Bromsgrove, Worcs' UK

I've just spent a fascinating 2 hours on this site. As a steam fan and former train spotter what memories it brings back. Great work and many thanks !

Date: 20/12/2009
Name: Michael Schwartz
Email: greekmultilingual@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Toronto, Canada

Very fond memories of my walks around Birmingham and her disused railways in the early 1970s (enjoyed the railways more than the course material at Brum Uni..).
Good to see that the powers that be finally woke up to the opportunities afforded through revitalising Selly Oak Station and others.
Thank you Brum for being a friendly city.
Tarra a bit for now, then, our kid!

Date: 23/11/2009
Name: Chris Jennings
Email: lmschrisjennings@yahoo.co.uk
Location: Bournemouth
Website: http://crjennings.com/

Lovely site, some fascinating pages. Not sure why it has taken me so long to find it but once I have had a good look round I will comment some more. Best Regards Chris

Date: 13/11/2009
Name: Emma-Claire
Location: L-Spa

OOPS! Cancel that last request. Made an idiot of myself, I've found it now, Duh!
I have noticed that your "validation code" doesn't seem to change...weird.

Name: Emma-Claire
Location: L-Spa

Hi there, I\'m really enjoying the vast resource that is your incredible site, however on your regional map I can\'t find Cutnall Green. Could you put it on the map please?
Great site though!

Name: Laurence Scarrott
Email: plascannon@hotmail.co.uk
Location: Coseley

Hello there! I am quite a fan of this site, and I find it very informative about local history by rail. I am confused about one thing though. You say that Deepfields is served by trains from Wolverhampton to Coventry via Snow Hill? I thought Snow Hill was only served from Low Level, and the Stour Valley Line doesn\'t go to Snow Hill does it? Or is it just an error?

Date: 15/08/2009
Name: Geoff
Email: geoff1439@yahoo.com
Location: Los Angeles

Greetings from California. Your glorious photograph of the entrance to the beloved old Snow Hill Station has prompted me to send this message of thanks for your terrific site. My mother would only go to holiday resorts if she could begin the journey from Snow Hill. After I left school, I had two jobs in Birmingham. The first was in Livery Street and the later one in Colmore Row, so I was more than familiar with the old station. I was saddened when it came to an undeserved and ignominious end. The recently inaugurated Snow Hill station doesn't quite do it! Well, while my mother loved Snow Hill, I have to confess I had a fondness for New Street Station--before it was Hitlerized. I seem to remember that it was fascinating to walk across the old passenger pathway and look down on the trains and tracks below with all that gorgeous steam and smoke. (Could I have been doing that when we were walking from New Street to Station Street and the Old Rep Theatre?) I also have fond memories of Smethwick Rolfe Street (from my Holly Lodge days)and Nottingham and Leicester stations(from my army days.) I avoided post World War II New Street Station and the traffic of central Birmingham whenever possible, so visits to the U.K. usually meant: Heath Row, Euston and quite good service to Birmingham International. Finally,I hope the new discussions for high speed rail service will include an improved New Street station. Birmingham deserves to be included in such an important service. That statement was supposed to bring this rambling note to a more or less fervent conclusion, but, if you will indulge me for one moment more--I would just like to mention that I have been most pleased with the Heath Row-Paddington rapid service inaugurated just a few years ago. Again, thanks for the site, especially in its new manifestation. Cheers!

Date: 11/08/2009
Location: TAMWORTH

hi. I have found out that my grandfather was the staion master @ Cradley Heath station in the late 1800's. His surname was Roach. If you have any pictures of the staff. I would love to have a look at them. Very interesting site

Date: 06/07/2009
Name: Dave long
Email: david-long@sky.com
Location: Staffs

Hello all,
I'm hoping that someone reading this may be able to help or put me in the right direction. I'm in the process of planning a scale 4mm model railway of Stechford in the early to mid 80s, and was just wondering if anyone had any photos they would be able to share with me, as although you might not realise a lot has changed at Stechford in recent years. Even if your photos date back to steam all will be helpful, especially helpful would be photos of the old goods yard on the station side of the station road bridge, as the old goods platform were still present albeit in a bad way in the 80s only recently fully removed with the new Jewsons store on the site. The girder bridge over these goods lines was also recently changed along with the bridge parapets and its increasingly difficult to find photos of the old bridge, the warwickshire railways website helps but the photos are a little grainy for good detail.

Many thanks for reading this and if any can think of anything that may be useful I would be very grateful.

Kind regards

Date: 28/06/2009
Name: Mike Gerrard
Email: polariz_666@msn.com
Location: Quinton, Birmingham
Website: http://jedstechblog.blogspot.com

I just stumbled across this site today after going to see the Tornado demonstration at Tyseley Locomotion. You guys at the site have put in a phenomenal effort and as a particular interest for me (Being from Wombourne myself) I shall be visiting frequently! Cheers, Mike.

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