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Stationmaster's House, Wood End station
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Wood End Station

1908 - Present

Wood End opened with the then GWR-owned North Wawrickshire Line in 1908. As with Henley, Danzey, The Lakes and Earlswood (all on this line), Wood End has had a fairly stable and uninteresting history bar some rationalisation (ie: removal of original facilities) at some time. However, the station itself holds a few surprises. The 'deceptive' entrance and Station House at Wood End off Broad Lane is shown above, September 2003.

Wood End station entrance pathway
Stairwell into Wood End station cutting

The entrance shown at the top of this page is in fact several hundred yards from the platforms and in order to get to a train you have to walk down a seemingly endless vegetation-lined path seen above-left. As if that's not bad enough, when you finally reach the end you find that the platforms are at the bottom of a very deep cutting and in order to get onto them you need to descend a long conrete flight of steps to reach the footbridge (above- right) from which you descend again to the platform of your choice. I seriously hope that the SRA and Centro when considering allocating budgets to making public transport more disabled- friendly decide to look at this station in some detail (although I have to admit that the cost of dealing with this problem would probably be prohibitive due to its scale).

Wood End station looking towards Brimingham
Wood End station looking towards Danzey

Above-left shows that once you finally reach the platforms they are rather overgrown and the facilities are merely two concrete shelters - one being covered in graffiti (it must have been a pretty determined 'artist' who would travel all that way just to spray paint!). Upon close inspection I did notice signs of washroom facilities on the Birmingham platform from a previous era. The view is from the Birmingham platform looking towards Birmingham. Above-right we are on the Birmingham platform looking towards Danzey and the tunnel which takes the lines under Broad Lane and the farmland above. All I can say is that the Stationmaster of old must have been a very fit chap!


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