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Wednesfield Station 1968 (David Bathurst)
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Wednesfield Station

1872 - 1931

There have been a few sites that have disappointed me during my travels researching for this website, but few more so than this! I think the photograph above from 1968 (photo: David Bathurst) must have inspired me to hope there would be some remains here but I was sorely disappointed on arrival. The station opened in 1872 on the Midland line from Wolverhampton High Level through Willenhall to Walsall. Unfortunately, passenger numbers on the line were way below expectations and the passenger stations were rapidly closed with Wednesfield being one of the last to be removed from the timetable in 1931. However, the site, and the line itself, continued for goods purposes way beyond its passenger shelf-life.

Wednesfield station site
Wednesfield station site

Above-left we are on the station site seen at the top of this page with the site of the bridge over Neachells Lane to our rear and Wolverhampton ahead. As can be seen, no remains of the trackbed, let along the station, appear to remain at this spot today. Above-right we are looking in the same direction as the photograph at the top of this page but are, in my estimation, slightly to the left of the trackbed which passed under the building to the right which is occupied by the NHS, and the realigned Wednesfield Way beyond that.

Wednesfield station site
Wednesfield station site

Here is the aforementioned NHS centre with the trackbed originally running right to left with the old goods shed roughly where the silver car is standing to the extreme left of the shot. Above-right we see the only 'old' remaining structure on the site - the wall ahead centre which would have been to the left in the photograph at the top of this page with the bridge beyond it. Unfortunately, the bridge too has now disappeared! This was a poor site to visit and I wouldn't recommend anyone to take a look as there is scant evidence of the railway.


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