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Warwick Station

1852 - Present

Warwick station was opened by the GWR in 1852 and seems a surprisingly small station for a now historic tourist attraction. Above we see the station building at the end of Station Road which has changed little since its construction. Interestingly for a GWR station, there is no footbridge with access between the two platforms being via a subway the entrance to which is centre left as we look at the building.

Warwick station, Birmingham platform facilities
Warwick station looking towards Leamington Spa

Above-left we are on the Birmingham platform and taking a closer look at the station building - the aforementioned subway can clearly be seen in the foreground. Above-right we are looking towards Leamington Spa from the Birmingham platform.

Warwick station looking towards Warwick Parkway
Warwick station, Leamington Spa platform

Above-left we are in the same spot as the previous image but this time looking towards Hatton and Birmingham. Just past the station used to be goods sidings and a large coal depot - none of which exist today. Above-right we see the ever-present bus shelter on the Leamington platform - not an original feature!


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