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Upton-on-Severn station 1961
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Upton-on-Severn Station

1861 - 1961

Opening along with the line in 1861, the Midland Railway's station at Upton-on-Severn enjoyed precisely 100 years of infrequent passenger services sitting, as it did, on a rural branch line between the Midland's Birmingham to Aschurch branch and the GWR's line from Worcester to Hereford. In 1952, the station became to the end of the line when the section from here to Great Malvern was closed to traffic and finally all traffic ceased with complete closure of the line in 1961. Above we see the final passenger service - hence the public interest - from Upton-on-Severn on 14/08/61 about to leave for Aschurch via Ripple which is to the photographer's rear.

Upton-on-Severn station site
Upton-on-Severn station site

Few sites have disappointed me as much as Upton-on-Severn during my research for this website. The usual maxim that more rural sites tend to have been less scoured of signs of their railway heritage certainly does not hold true in this instance. Above-left we are in an industrial centre off Old Lane (A4104) with the site of the trackbed immediately to our left looking in the direction of Great Malvern - the station buildings themselves occupying the land now housing the industrial units and the site of Upton-on-Severn fire station which is ahead-left. Above-right we have moved to the left of the previous shot and can see the railway embankment dropping away to our left - we are roughly on the spot of the Great Malvern platform but precise positioning is nigh-on impossible as there is virtually no trace of the railway.

Upton-on-Severn station trackbed
Upton-on-Severn station embankment

Above-left we are in the same spot as for the previous shot but this time looking towards Aschurch and above-right we have moved to the right of the previous shot and down the embankment - still looking towards Aschurch. I certainly would not, as you may have guessed, recommend anyone visit this site as there are scant indications of the site's past - however, a wider search radius of this spot will yield some cuttings through the countryside in either direction.


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