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Tipton Five Ways station 1962 (PJ Garland Collection)
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Tipton Five Ways Station

1853 - 1962

Along with Princes End, for example, Tipton station suffered from either lack of foresight or railway company rivalry to be THE dominant station in a particular area: the station being opened by the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway in 1853 as Tipton station - one year after the LNWR had also opened a Tipton station a short distance away. It wasn't until 1950 that this station had 'Five Ways' tagged onto its nameboard and 'Owen Street' tagged onto the ex-LNWR concern - surely just renaming one of the stations would have avoided any confusion! Above we see the station in 1962 looking towards Wolverhampton with the Sedgley Road bridge parapet immediately beyond the platforms (PJ Garland Collection).

Tipton Five Ways station site
Tipton Five Ways station site

Above-left as can be seen, nothing remains of the station site itself as a new development of houses (Oxford Way) has been built on the spot and the embankment leading to the station site's convergence with ground level at the junction of Poplar Road and Menin Road has been removed. The station stood immediately to the left of the photograph - however, if you look to the bottom of the road you can still see the remains of the bridge that once carried the railway over Sedgley Road West. Above-right we are looking back at the steps from where the previous photograph was taken and can see the corner of Poplar Road and Menin Road: the station stood where the photographer is stood.

Tipton Five Ways station along trackbed towards Dudley
Tipton Five Ways station bridge remains, Sedgley Road West

Above-left we are looking to the right of the previous shot watching the new road, which roughly shadows the path of the old line, heading in the direction of Dudley. Above-right we are on Sedgley Road West and can clearly see the only (so far as I could discern) visible sign of the railway at this location: the remains of the bridge which caried the line from Princes End & Coseley station into Tipton Five Ways which is behind the photographer.

Tipton Five Ways station bridge remains, Sedgley Road West

Above we are looking at the same bridge but to add perspective I've included the entrance to Oxford Way on the left - the station having stood a couple of hundred yards along its path.


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