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Sutton Town station building, Midland Drive
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Sutton Town Station

1879 - 1924

Sutton Town station was the first passenger casualty on the Midland Railway's line from Water Orton to Walsall. Opening in 1879, the station closed to passengers in 1924 unlike the other stations on the line which closed in 1965. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate a photograph of the station in use but was very pleased to find, upon arriving at the site, that the station building is completely in tact and now being used as the regional headquarters for Relate as can be seen above.

Sutton Town station building, Midland Drive
Sutton Town station site

Above-left we see a shot from a different perspective of the station house taken on Midland Drive - the building's nameplate shows it is still known as the 'Station House'. Above-right we have entered the car park of the building seen to the left of the station building in the previous shot to look at the track behind it: this is the best shot you can get of the station site, however it is insufficient to determine if any platform remains, although I doubt it would now. The line has been retained for goods use and it is interesting to note when pondering its demise, the close proximity this station had with the LNWR's Sutton Coldfield station which is still in use today and Sutton Park station on this line which are both a few minutes walk away - it is not surprising that passenger business was not as forthcoming as was thought when planning the line.


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