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Streetly station when operational (E.S.Russell)
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Streetly Station

1879 - 1965

Streetly station opened in 1879, along with the line itself, on the Midland Railway's Walsall and Water Orton Branch and closed to passengers in 1965 when the line became a goods-only concern. The photograph above is taken from Foley Road East and shows the station when in use (photo: E.S.Russell). Unfortunately, I think I arrived only a couple of years too late to see any remains of the site as the station building and Water Orton platform have recently been built upon.

Streetly station site, Thornhill Road towards Aldridge
Streetly station site, Thornhill Road towards Aldridge

Above-left is a similar shot to the one by E.S.Russell, foliage preventing a direct comparison shot, and shows the station site looking towards Aldridge. The station building stood roughly where we can see a new house on the right-hand side. Above-right we have turned slightly to our left to see the Walsall platform side of the station: it is not possible to tell if anything remains of this platform due to the dense foliage that is growing on the embankment - it didn't appear that there were any significant remains.

Entrance to Streetly station site from Foley Road East
Entrance to Streetly station site from Thornhill Road

Above-left we are roughly at the spot E.S.Russell was standing in for his photograph but the amount of trees to the left prevented me from getting the same angle however, we are at the point of the entrance pathway to the Walsall platform looking at the trackbed and I estimate that the barrow-crossing seen in the old photograph would have been centre-shot here. Above-right we see what would have been the entrance driveway to the station building but is now a new development of houses/flats called Horsley Road: the station building would have been at the bottom of this road (trackbed to left).


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