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Princes End & Coseley station 1962 (Michael Mensing)
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Princes End & Coseley Station

1853 - 1962

Princes End & Coseley station was opened in 1853 by the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway (later coming under the auspices of the GWR) and sat on the route from Wolverhampton Low Level to Dudley. It was one of two stations to serve the small area of Princes End: the LNWR also opened a station in 1863 just a few minutes walk from here. Interestingly, the station originally opened as Princes End and the '& Coseley' was not added until 1936 which must have been somewhat confusing. Princes End & Coseley had its own goods sidings plus a siding and facilities for wagon repairs controlled by its own signal box - the precise spot where these were located I unfortunately couldn't pinpoint. The station finally closed in 1962. The photo above shows Princes End & Coseley in 1962 looking towards Bradley Road and on to Daisy Bank (photo: Michael Mensing)

Princes End & Coseley station trackbed off Bradley Lane
Princes End & Coseley station trackbed off Bradley Lane

If you look at the picture at the top of this page and imagine standing on the road bridge beyond the footbridge and looking back at the station, the above-left photograph is what you'll see today! There is little evidence of the railway around this site but, as with so many closed lines, odd straight lines of foliage between old buildings tends to be a give away. Above-right we are facing the same direction but have moved back and to the left on Bradleys Lane as this spot once housed the entrance to the station (trackbed to the right).

Princes End & Coseley station trackbed towards Daisy Bank
Princes End & Coseley station entrance to trackbed, Bradley Lane

Above-left we have crossed-over Bradleys Lane and are looking away from the station towards Daisy Bank. The parkway and walk follow the trackbed but it would appear that the trackbed has been raised and/or the road level lowered since the operation of the line. Above-right we see the entrance to the trackbed walkway and some original fencing and gates.

Princes End & Coseley station remains of cutting, Fountain Lane

Above we are on Fountain Lane and the area behind the fencing ahead is drop-down to the old trackbed which looks to be at its original level and nowadays has taken on the appearance of an overgrown domestic refuse dump for the houses in Brunel Court which is to the left. The site is worth a look around as there are bits and pieces of remains spread out across the area if you know what to look for.


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