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Lye station 'portakabin' ticket office
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Lye Station

1863 - Present

Sitting on the latter-day GWR's Stourbridge Extension, Lye Station opened in 1863 under the short-lived, and short-routed, Stourbridge Railway and has the odd distinction of being the station with the shortest name in Britain! Along with a handful of others on my travels (Dudley Port springs to mind), Lye is a disappointment with its green, shabby Portakabin station building (as seen above in July 2003) and general air of disrepair about the site. With the possible exception of the footbridge, there is nothing to recommend a visit to this station.

Lye station Birmingham platform
Lye station looking towards Stourbridge

Above-left is the view across the tracks showing the dilapidated 'bus shelter' on the Birmingham platform. Above-right we see the view looking towards Stourbridge through the Dudley Road overbridge.

Lye station looking towards Birmingham
Repainted Lye station footbridge

Above-left the latticework footbridge has seen better days and the whole station has a rather neglected feel to it. However, above-right a 2008 revisit to the site reveals that the station has something of a makeover with a change of colour and some repointing and the whole site appears greatly improved!

150 DMU pulls into Lye station
Disused goods yard weighbridge

Above-left a class 150 DMU pulls into Lye on its way to Cradley Heath: not immediately discernible to is that the decrepit bus shelter on the Birmingham platform has also been replaced. Above-right an unexpected find in the car park that I missed completely on my first visit in 2003: a weighbridge. This spot marks the entrance to the long-demised goods yard at Lye and the weighbridge was used for calculating levies due for the transportation of goods on the railway - very nice to see it still in situ. Unfortunately, the goods yard itself is now occupied by industrial units that can just be discerned ahead.


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