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Lifford station 1930 (C. Gilbert)
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Lifford Station

1885 - 1941

For our purposes I have decided to concentrate on the third station to bear the name 'Lifford', sited on what was the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway (later MR) line (commonly known as the Camp Hill Line). Opening in 1885, some 45 years after the railway itself, this final incarnation of Lifford station had its passenger services withdrawn in 1941 as a 'wartime economy measure', never to return. The station opened the year it's namesake on the Lifford Canal branch (BWSR original line) closed to passengers and some 41 years after the closure of the first Lifford station also on the B&G line. Above we see the station in 1930 looking towards the City (photo: Clarence Gilbert)

Lifford bridge on Lifford Lane
Lifford station site from Lifford Lane

Above-left we see the bridge over Lifford Lane carrying the old B&G line that marks the spot of the station - the entrance to the southbound side being immediately to our right. Above-right we can see that the site is now occupied by Chamberlains Joinery and this is the view obtained as you enter the station driveway from Lifford Lane: the track being to our left.

Lifford station from bridge towards Hazelwell
Lifford station site towards City

Above-left we are on the embankment on the Birmingham platform side of the station site looking through the fencing across the tracks to what is now the fence bordering Chamberlains car park where once the Kings Norton platform stood. Apologies for the poor photograph but it was not possible to get a clearer shot from this angle. Above-left we are on the station building site itself looking towards the City, roughly standing on what would have been the southbound platform.

Lifford station site towards City
Lifford station site towards City

Above-left is a view across to the Birmingham platform. As usual, above-right we see an industrial development has obliterated all trace of the station and coal sidings at the site: just off-camera to the right of this shot is a viaduct over the Lifford Canal branch and Worcester - Birmingham canal but it is not possible to get close-enough to provide a good shot of that structure from track-level.

Lifford station site No.2 from canal
Lifford station site No.2 from canal

Above-left we are roughly at the end of the southbound platform with the drop down to the Lifford Canal Branch to our rear. In the distance we can just make-out the branch-off to the right providing a city-bound junction with the ex-Midland line from Kings Norton and ahead - but not discernible in this shot - this line curves to the right to make a southbound junction with the ex-Midland line immediately before it passes under the Pershore Road and into Kings Norton station. Above-right we are standing on the Worcester - Birmingham canal towpath looking up at the B&G line. Lifford station stood immediately to the left of this shot. As I mention on the pages for Lifford Wharf, I have no idea as to the use of the odd-shaped structure centre-shot but would be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on the matter.

Lifford station site No.2 from canal
Lifford station site to Kings Norton

Above are two shots taken from the station site taking a closer look at the aforementioned branch and curve which gave, and still gives, the line great flexibility as it links up with what is now the Cross-City Line in either direction. The line itself is now used primarily for goods traffic which works 'wrong line' through Kings Norton to join it from the South or faces a sharp curve from the mainline if joining from the north. All-in-all this is not a site I would recommend visiting as there is no convenient access to the site itself and even when you get to it there is no indication that a station ever existed there.




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