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Kings Heath station 1956 (DJ Norton)
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Kings Heath Station

1840 - 1941

Kings Heath Station on the Camp Hill Line was originally opened in 1840, along with the line itself under the Birmingham and Glouceter Railway, as Moseley Station. With the MR building of Moseley Station proper in 1867, this station changed its name to Kings Heath - more appropriate given its location. The station was, along with the others on this line, closed in 1941 as a 'wartime economy measure', never to reopen as a passenger concern - although it remained as a functioning goods station and coal yard until the close of the 1960s. The line remains functioning for goods traffic today but all traces of the station are long-gone; although plans for reopening the line for passenger servces get mooted every few years. The above photograph shows Kings Heath Station circa 1956 looking towards the City (photo: DJ Norton).

Kings Heath station site looking towards the City
Kings Heath station site looking South

The picture above-left shows the same view as the photograph at the top of this page looking towards the City - the only remaining feature being the road overbridge (Kings Heath High St) which on the photograph by DJ Norton at the top of the page, is just beyond the station signal box. Above-right the photographer is in the same spot but looking in the opposite direction towards Hazelwell station. The station site today is a small retail park - the position from which the photographs were taken is the car park of Homebase. As you will be beginning to discern, British Rail owed a lot to retail and car park entrepreneurs when selling-off their properties!




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