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Hartlebury station courtyard
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Hartlebury Station

1852 - Present

Hartlebury station opened in 1852 on what was then the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway's line from Worcester to Stourbridge (the line from there being of the Stourbridge Railway). The station has undergone some changes over the years and for a time marked the beginning of the Severn Valley Railway: at that time the station was known as Hartlebury Junction. Above we see the original station building from Station Road that is now home to Shakespeare International Marine Ltd and no longer serves a railway function.

Hartlebury station entrance to Birmingham platform
Station Road signal box

Above-left we see the less-grand entrance to the station for today's passengers: a gate next to the old station building that leads onto the Birmingham platform from Station Road. Above-right we are in the same spot as for the previous photograph but this time looking left to Station Road and can see two of the more endearing features to survive at the station: the signal box and level crossing.

Hartlebury station Birmingham platform looking towards Worcester
Hartlebury station looking towards Worcester

Above-left we have just passed through the gate and have entered the Birmingham platform looking in the direction of Worcester. The original station building is to our right and ahead is the less than luxurious platform facility for the passengers today: the bus shelter. Also of interest is the platform mounted signal that can be seen ahead. Above-right we are in the same spot but looking across to the Worcester platform that also houses a bus shelter.

Hartlebury station looking back from end of Birmingham platform
Hartlebury station level crossing

Above-left we have moved to the end of the Birmingham platform and are looking towards Birmingham with the signal box and the Station Road level crossing clearly seen at the end of the platforms. Above-right we are again looking at the crossing with its barriers down as 150058 approaches: like the majority of trains that traverse this line, it is not stopping here!

Hartlebury station signal box viewed from level crossing
Hartlebury station Birmingham platform viewed from level crossing

Above-left we have moved to the level crossing to take a closer look at the signal box. The box was built by McKenzie & Holland of Worcester, opening in 1876 on the then GWR line, and is of a design only introduced the previous year. This design is one of only a few made, and even less still standing, and is well-worth a look. Above-right we are on the level crossing itself looking up at the Birmingham platform and station building. Hartlebury is an intersting station to visit, even if it has been greatly reduced in significance with the withdrawal of the Severn Valley Junction, its footbridge and additional signal box (possibly two), but I would warn that it is a pain to get to and I wouldn't recommend visiting by train as you could be left there some time awaiting the return journey.


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