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Coughton Station 1952 (R.J. Essery)
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Coughton Station

1868 - 1952

I have to confess to being bitterly disappointed with my findings at this site! Not only did I get lost looking for it, but wehn I finally found it, foliage and a dog prevented me from getting any shots even vaguely interesting to display. However, I have included here the 'best' of the shots for the sake of completion. The station opened in 1868 under the auspices of the Evesham and Redditch Railway (soon to be the Midland Railway) largely, it is alleged, to satisfy the owners of Coughton Lodge, through whose land the railway passed. This relationship with the Lodge as the major reason for the station's existence is evidenced by the lack of goods traffic at the station, which had a single goods siding for 26 wagons, and passenger trade in what was, and still is to an extent, an extremely rural location. Faring even more poorly in passenger numbers than its fellow stations on the line, the station closed completely in 1952, some 12 years before the line itself succumbed. Above we see the station in its year of closure (photo: R.J. Essery) with the now removed Sambourne Lane road bridge beyond the site.

Coughton station building, Sambourne Rd
Coughton station bridge site, Sambourne Rd

Above-left we see that the station building itself, as seen in the 1952 shot, is still standing and has been converted into a residential dwelling. Unfortunately, for reasons stated earlier, I couldn't get a better shot than this but from what I could glean from peering through the bushes, the building has been considerably extended during the past 50 years. Above-right, we are standing on what would have been the bridge seen in the 1952 shot looking along the track to the station site (obscured by bushes to the left of the shot).

Coughton station bridge site, Sambourne Rd, looking South
Coughton station bridge site, Sambourne Rd, looking South

Above-left, we have moved position to our left from the previous shot and are peering at the trackbed going right to left with the station house to our left. Above-right, and probably of more interest to the horticulturalists out there, we are back on the bridge site looking at the trackbed heading towards Alcester. As I expect you have guessed, I wouldn't recommend a visit to this site! However, it is a good example of the unfortunate compromises railway companies had to make in order to pass through certain landowner's property - compromises that, from conception, often doomed the stations and/or lines to financial failure.


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