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Compton halt entrance, Bridgnorth Road
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Compton Halt

1925 - 1932

Compton halt opened in 1925 in a bold, and somewhat myopic, move by the GWR to turn what had been , in effect, a colliery line into a fully-blown passenger concern. Unfortunately for the GWR the move failed and passenger services were withdrawn a mere 7 years later in 1932 although the line lingered on for a somewhat flourishing goods trade until the 1960s. Above we see the entrance to the halt from Bridgnorth Road. This section of the line forms part of a 'nature trail/walk' with the signpost on the left of the entrance reading "Welcome to Smestow Valley Local Nature Reserve".

Compton halt looking towards Tettenhall
Compton halt platform

Above-left we have reached the trackbed and are looking towards Tettenhall with the halt to our rear: ahead we see the parapet of the bridge carrying the line over Bridgnorth Road. Above-right we are facing the opposite direction and can see that the platform has been preserved, and appears in near-perfect condition. It should be borne in mind here that the line was single-track so this platform served both up and down trains.

Compton halt looking towards Penn Halt
Compton halt looking along the platform towards Tettenhall

Above-left we are at the opposite end of the platform from Bridgnorth Road and are looking at the line of the track towards Penn Halt. Above-right we have turned around to look at the platform from the vantage point of the previous photograph and are looking in the direction of Tettenhall. It is good to see the site preserved although there is little here, apart from the platform and Bridgnorth Road bridge, for those interested in railway history.


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