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Camp Hill goods station (DJ Norton)
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Camp Hill Goods Station

1840 - 1966

Camp Hill Goods was originally opened by the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway in 1840 as a passenger station and the terminus for the line until an extension was opened several months later to Curzon Street. The Station continued as a Goods only station with the extensive opening of other passenger stations on the line, including Camp Hill & Balsall Heath Station in 1867, and closed to all goods traffic in 1966. Above we see Camp Hill goods station in the distance with its distinctive grain warehouse dominating the skyline (photo: DJ Norton).

Camp Hill Goods station site, John Kempe Way
Camp Hill goods station old branching point

Above;-left we see Camp Hill Goods Station site today off John Kempe Way, Highgate, August 2003. Above-right we are looking back towards Camp Hill Station at the point where the lines serving the Goods Station (to the right of this photograph) would have branched-off.

Camp Hill goods station track towards City
Camp Hill goods station old sleepers

Above-left we are in the same spot but looking in the other direction with the remaining goods-only double-track to our right. The 'road' on which the photographer is standing forms the deliveries entrance to a DFS store which is occuppying part of the old station site.Above-right, turning 90 degrees to the left from the previous photograph we can see the only area of udeveloped land on the old station site and, interestingly, a pile of concrete sleepers hiding behind some bushes giving an inidcation to the site's original use.

Camp Hill goods station, Kyrwicks Lane

Above we see the rail overbridge on Kyrwicks Lane, with Oughton Road to the right, which carries the Camp Hill Line. The wall on the left was a restraining wall with the old Goods Station starting at its summit served by lines branching-off the Camp Hill Line just to the left of this bridge.




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