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Brierley Hill station 1961 (photo: Jon Dew)
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Brierley Hill Station

1858 - 1962

Above is a good view of the footbridge at Brierley Hill Station in 1961 (photo: John Dew) The station opened in 1858 on the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway between Round Oak and Brettell Lane. As can be seen from the above view, in its latter years it took on a rather ramshackle appearance and, interestingly for a station in this area, had no goods facilities other than a single siding to serve a nearby factory. The station closed in 1962 to passengers and was demolished in 1968: in the interim period the station had dealt with parcels traffic. On visiting the site I was a little disappointed as there are few indications around that a station ever occuppied the site and the exact spot is rather inaccessible today.

Brierley Hill station entrance, Fenton Rd
Station Road bridge

Above-left we are on Fenton Road - the junction with Station Road being out of shot to our right - and can see what was one of the entrance points to the station which lay just behind the row of trees and shrubs beyond the fencing. Above-right we are in roughly the same spot as the previous shot but have turned to our right and can see the bridge carrying the track over Station Road - the station itself was to the left of this shot.

Station Road bridge
Brierley Hill station towards Round Oak

Above-left we are now in Station Road - Fenton Road can be seen through the Bridge - looking up to the site of the station: the majority of the station was just to the right of this shot but foliage, as it often does, got in the way of my shooting the whole area. Above-right we are against the fencing identified in the previous photograph looking at the trackbed where once platforms ended - the houses opposite are a good marker for connecting with the shot at the top of this page - and roughly facing in the direction of Round Oak.


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