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Blake Street station entrance from Shelley Drive
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Blake Street Station

1884 - Present

Above we see Blake Street Station 'incognito' with no visible signage as to the building's function. The Station opened in 1884 on what is now the cross-city line operating from Redditch to Lichfield Trent Valley and then in the hands of the LNWR (later LMS). Whilst there has been a station on this site since the nineteenth century, the station building above is a creation of the late twentieth century. It appears somewhat odd that, in looking at the above building from the roadside, you would see little to indicate its function: no signage etc . . . one could posit that its external appearance has been considerably toned-down to appease the local populace as it does lie in a rather 'upmarket' residential area (contrast this building with those built in more classically 'working class' areas!).

Blake Street station Birmingham platform towards Shenstone
Blake Street station Birmingham platform towards Butler's Lane

Above-left we are on the Lichfield platform watching the lines curve away towards Shenstone - note the edge of the omnipresent 'bus shelter' on the extreme left of the picture and, just discernible, a platform signal at the end of the Birmingham platform. Above-right we are in the same spot but looking towards Butlers Lane.

Birmingham platform waiting room
Closeup of Birmingham platform waiting room

Above-left we are looking across the track to the Birmingham platform - the waiting room to the right and to the left is the top of the stairwell leading down to the station building and tunnel. Above-right is a closer look at the Birmingham platform waiting room which does lead to the question as to why a fairly respectable waiting room is provided on this platform when, as we have seen, only a bus shelter exists for those awaiting Lichfield-bound trains.


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