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Bilston West Station site, Coleshill Road
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Bilston West Station

1854 - 1962

Now, I have to confess that it took me two visits (and plenty of map referencing), plus the obtaining of information from someone who lives in the area, to locate the spot for this station such has the area changed over the last 10-15 years (due in considerable part to the constructing of the Black Country ringroad which appears to have done more to decimate the sites of railway history than Dr. Beeching!). The station opened under the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway in 1854 as Bilston Station ('West' added in 1950) and later came under GWR control (although the extent to which the OWWR was autonomous from the GWR is a moot point). It lay between Tipton Five Ways and Daisy Bank on the long-defunct line between Wolverhampton Low Level and Dudley.

Bilston West Station site to left, towards Coleshill Road
Railway embankment, Coleshill Road

Above-left is as good a shot as you can get today of the station site! This spot lies between Coseley Road (which can just be made out at the bottom of the pathway) and the A463 section of the Black Country Route which is behind the photographer - and near to the traffic island from which both roads can be accessed. Unfortunately, the roads have been realigned and, particularly in the case of the A463, expanded to such an extent that the station site has now crossed to the other side of Coseley Road from its original position and the embankment upon which it stood and the line ran has all but vanished. Above-right we have walked to the bottom of the path and onto Coseley Road and are looking across the road from the station site: the remains of the embankment can just be discerned immediately to the left of the building.

Embankment looking towards station site
Top of embankment towards Daisy Bank

Above-left we are on the raised ground seen in the previous shot and are looking towards the station site: Coseley Road is behind the row of trees in the distance. I must qualify this view however, in as much as I'm not certain that this is the actual railway embankment remains - it maybe a later creation of the resculpting of the area but certainly the ground immediately to its right is directly in line with the station site. Above-right I have climbed to the top of the embankment proper - which is seen next to the building in an earlier shot - and am looking away from the station towards Tipton Five Ways.

Millfields Road bridge towards station
Millfields Road bridge towards Priestfield

Above-left we are on Millfields Road which is about as near to the station site as you can get and see a 100% certain relic of the railway. The bridge carrying the road over the railway still stands and this is the view from the bridge towards the station site which is several hundred yards ahead: unfortunately, factory units and a retail park obliterate its path. Above-right we are still on the Millfields Road bridge but looking at the line of the old trackbed towards Daisy Bank. Even for the hardy enthusiast I would not recommend a visit to this site as there is scant evidence of the former line.


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