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Banbury Wharf embankment and Yard, Montague Street
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Banbury Wharf

I have to admit that I cannot give much detail regarding Banbury Wharf. The wharf itself was, as you would expect, a canal facility on the Warwick and Birmingham Canal. The railway on site was a branch off from the LNWR's Birmingham to Rugby Branch which bypassed Curzon Street thus ending its function as a passenger station. The site was occupied by a Corporation Wharf and a mineral works - both of which used the transhipment facilities provided by having both rail and canal at hand. The wharf had nine sidings but gradually fell into disuse from the mid-twentieth century onwards. Above we see part of the now disused railway embankment from Montague Street bringing the track to the wharf from the Birmingham-Rugby Branch which is out of site to the right of the picture and itself ata a considerable height above the wharf site. The are is currently a sprawling Council depot primarily of waste disposal services.

Banbury Wharf Embankment spur from main line
Municipal buildings, Montague Street

Above-left we are again on Montague Street and again we see the embankment on the right and on the extreme right is the break-off from the mainline. The wharf itself was over to the left of this shot. Above-right we see what were previously the Corporation Cattle Market buildings on Montague Street which were also part of the site - the wharf sat to the rear. It is important to note that there isn't a wharf here any more, disused or otherwise, as the canal basin has gone as has the railway line that met it. Anyone with any more information/photos please get in touch.




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